Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mark's Mass Service March 10th 2012

 Dear Fans,

 On March 10th 2012 I attended a small MASS service at Holy Cross Cemetery where Mark rest. Family members and friends from those who
 where laid to rest in the month of February 2012 attended this special service. I called Mr. Reale before the service started and informed him that I
 was there. It was a simple Catholic traditional service, a nice way to reflect on our loved one’s we had to depart with here on earth but being assured
 they are at rest and have peace with GOD

 Mark’s a great friend and my brother in Christ who gave me a chance (at 20) to see the world and help him in his time of needs throughout our
 25 year special friendship. I learned a lot from that man, traveling with him around the would was tricky but I had such a blast. I could see what he
 saw in the fan, it was always about the fan and nothing else, I thank him for allowing me to meet so many great fans along the way. I’ll never forget
 you and how kind you are! He love that the most I think! Shine On Warriors!

 I'm working on the new site that will have many new features for all of us to share in Mark’s great work. One thing I’m setting up is a prayer light that
 will burn for as long as I and you the fans keep the account up to date at Holy Cross Cemetery. More details on this coming very soon.

 And finally, my good friend who attended Mark's service and dinner just released there new video POWER HOUSE from his new project
 [Age Of Reason], check them out if you want!

 more coming soon,

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