Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Home On The Web


     Dear, Fans

   Ok, I got most of what I want up and running for now. But I’m still putting a few thing together and will be add them
   soon to the layout. As you can see I've moved over to blogger, this way everything will stay in place should
   something happen to me. After my friends passing, it got me thinking about a lot of things. So that’s why I’ve been
   moving everything here for the past two months, plus it has a lot of great features that everyone can enjoy.

   I will be posting the information about Mark’s headstone very soon, I know many have been waiting patiently for
   this. Also for those who are wounding, yes I’m still holding the yearly fundraising campaign and will post that info
   soon as well, I just wanted to get this part up now.

   Here’s some very old RIOT archive memorabilia I wanted to share with you all, I have a lot more coming along with
   some never seen before video. Things are starting to move forward around here now, been a bit hard but I’m ready
   to get back into it again and have much to share for years to come. I hope you enjoy!

  more coming soon,
        Shine on!

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