Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo's From The Official Headstone Unveiling

Mark Reale The Official Web Site -
Hey Fans,

I wanted to post these pic's of the Official Headstone unveiling I arranged for Mark. I'm looking into adding maybe next year what's called a Medallion that hold's a code bar, allowing anyone with a smart phone to scan it and read detailed information about Mark and his band RIOT. This will come from the yearly fundraising campaign I’ll be holding in the months to come, so everyone can be a part of it if they want. I've sent Mr. Reale photos and all of the DVD video of this service per his request. I talked to him yesterday and he has received them.

I’d like to thank Mark at South Texas Memorials for doing such a great job in the detail work of the Les Paul along with the rest of the stone. Mr. Reale is very pleased with his work and sends his thanks.

Father Kevin saying a few words and prayers before the unveiling.
Father Kevin praying after the unveiling.
Here’s a up close look at the headstone.
More up close look at the headstone, the guitar work is sunken into the stone giving it a 3D feel 
The picture used was from Army Of One photo session.
 And yes The Mighty Tior is on the back.
more to come!