Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year To Everyone

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To all the Mark Reale RIOT fans, 

Hope you all had a safe holiday….Happy New Year to everyone and please be safe! If you’ve had too much to drink, please call a CAB….it’s worth every dim!

I got a lot of photos and video's I'll be working on for 2014, I'd like to thank all the followers of this web site and our facebook page. Thanks to you for making 2013 better as we all move forward after the passing of our friend Mark Reale, may his sprit continue to shine bright in your hearts.


more coming soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Decorating Our Friends Headstone

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Hey fans,

I’d like to thank all who showed up and helped with the decorating of Mark’s headstone this year. Looks like we’re the first once to decorate, many will follow in the coming weeks because Holy Cross Cemetery allows decorations for the Christmas spirit. Gonna make this a yearly thing fans…was very moving and full of enjoyment, I know Mark was smiling at all of us. So will do this on the second Sunday of every November, hope you can make this warming event.

Check out this slide show I cooked up, I put some back ground music along with it too, enjoy!

Shine On!
6th Member


more coming soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mark Reale with Bonnie Tyler - Part 2

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Hey fans,

Been super busy with work and traveling the US. But I did want to post a few pic’s of our gig with Bonnie Tyler in 2007. Here you see Mark adjusting the Marshall cabinets that were provide by the promoter. They also include a spare Les Paul Black beauty…nice! The next pic were walking around checking out the scene and I thought it would be good to take this pic of Mark just looking around the area in front of the hotel/casino ….more coming soon along with more and more videos!

Enjoy, Shine On!
6th Member


more coming soon!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark Reale with Bonnie Tyler - Part 1

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After returning from our Japan tour (RIOT) in April of that year (2007) Mark had gotten word from Jeff Allen (a friend at Universal Attractions) that Bonnie Tyler was going to perform 4 shows, two in Canada and two in the US and needed a complete band to perform her hits. This was just a one off type of thing but never the less Mark said yes that he could get a band together that included him on guitars, Mike Dimeo on keyboards, Bobby Rondinelli on drums and Lenny Rocillo on bass
Mark contacted me and asked if I could help out seeing that we only had a few weeks to put everything together. Now I was in San Antonio putting together our Spain 6 city tour with the promoters when Mark contacted me about this. I was so happy to see him working with such a great singer like Bonnie Tyler, I couldn’t wait to help out my friend any way I could. So I flew up to Mark’s house the next weekend and started working on it while continuing working on the Spain Tour…was a busy next two months that year for me! Bonnie Tyler, Mark Reale, Mike Dimeo, Lenny Rocillo, Bobby Rondinelli September 2007
Bonnie Tyler, Mark Reale, Mike Dimeo, Lenny Rocillo, Bobby Rondinelli September 2007 So I got a rehearsal hall out on long Island, the band rehearsed for about a week. Then Bonnie arrived just a few days before the first 2 shows. She rehearsed with the band for the next two days then all of us flew to Buffalo, New York where the promoters had a bus waiting for us to cross into Canada.
The band performed at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Canada on September 28th and 29th of 2007. Both shows where a huge success (1,800 sold out) as this was Bennie’s first time ever in Canada……the band sounded great! After having a extra day off in Niagara Falls and enjoying the views, we all boarded the bus and returned to Buffalo, then flew back to Long Island, New York. Bonnie Tyler, Mark Reale, Mike Dimeo, Lenny Rocillo, Bobby Rondinelli September 2007
Here's one of the only few video clips of Mark Reale performing LIVE with Bonnie Tyler
more can be seen at our facebook page
 part two (2) coming soon!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

RIOT - Live Houston Texas 2005

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Hey Fans,

I’ve been working on my video archive collection and wanted to crank out this rare footage of the band doing ‘Through The Storm’ in 2005. I don’t think there is much footage out there of the band doing this song seeing we only did it a few time live.


more coming soon!

Friday, May 31, 2013

6th Member Interview

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Hey Gang,

I had the privilege to do an interview with PEDRO ALONSO over at PedroAlonsoHeavyMetal.com. They wanted some information about my years with Mark and his band RIOT, so I was very happy to answerer what I could.

                                                            by PEDRO ALONSO

February 3, 2013

How did you know Mark Reale? Do you remember the first time you talked with him?

Sure I remember. I met Mark May 1988 before we started the Thundersteel tour at rehearsal. I got the gig of drum tech, driving the rider truck and checking the lighting. Lighting is my forte but I’m a jack of all trades. We stayed in a apartment (more like a box) in the city, it was hot that year with no ac but come on, remember I was 20 years old, in the big city of New York with RIOT, what could be better then that?

Were you a Riot fan before working with the band?

I must confess, no I was into bands like Scorpions, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Ac/Dc, Dio along with other styles of music. I played trumpet in middle and high school. I can also read and write music….so I do listen to classical music too…music is in my blood and family! My first concert was Neil Diamond; Mark always loved when I was on stage checking the monitors. I would “try” to sing some of Neil’s songs just goofing around. I could hear him laughing (like it was yesterday) along with the rest of the band. They say I sound like Neil…ok? I loved joking around with the band and the fans. After I found out about my big gig, I was a hooked and part of the crew, WOW!

How did you start working with Riot? Could you explain what has been your job during the last 25 years as the 6th member?

6th Member is a nickname the fans gave me years ago. You see I got connected with RIOT in 1988 after doing a show in San Antonio the year before with two of the members from the Thundersteel line up Bobby and Don. They did a show at the legendary Cameo Theater in San Antonio, the very same Cameo Theater where Metallica performed in 1987. John Grel from WINTERKAT (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emZJvDtv_qc) on guitar and vocalist Gilbert “Buster” Grant Guzman (http://bustergrantmusic.com) along with Bobby and Don performed a great show for the local crowed. I was doing the lighting and pyro for the band that night, afterwards I gave my number to Don and Bobby and told them I would love to hit the road with them. Three months later they gave me the call to tour for the new RIOT album Thundersteel…..I was 20 at that time in my life and my mother had passed in 1986. I was so ready to tour with a big band after working for free in a well known night club in San Antonio called Sneakers for 6 months.

We toured in 1988 for the next three months around the US performing in many cities; it was a great time in my life. After the tour was over, the band was writing new tones that became RIOT’s 7th album The Privilege of Power. Then in 1989 I got a call from the band asking me to get my passport because RIOT was going over to Japan for the very first time and wanted me to be the lighting director and Bobby’s drum tech for this tour. I can’t explain how this made me feel but one thing was for sure, I was going to do my best! We did a 10 day tour that included 5 shows and with so many fans, it was so crazy! Japan, the best!! Then in 1990 the band released The Privilege of Power and in just seven months we were back in Japan again touring, but this time it was a 20 day tour that included 10 shows throughout Japan. It was the time of my life; I can’t thank Mark enough for giving me a chance to shine. But that’s how Mark was, always giving others a chance to shine.

My job titles have changed over the years with Mark and the band. In 1994 the band went over to Japan with a new singer Mike Dimeo along with Mark, Pete, Bobby and Flyntz for the release of NightBreaker. Things went ok but they didn’t have any crew guys from the Thundersteel line up attend that tour. For some reason I must have made a great impression on Mark and the rest of the guys because I got a call from Mark asking if I could help out with things, after that I was there until the end for my friend!

My job titles for RIOT includes: Lighting Director, Production Manger, Tour Manager, Booking Agent, Travel Agent, Guitar tech, Drum Tech, Bass Tech, Merchandise Designer, truck and van driver and helped with interviews. I also host, designed and maintained beginning in 1999 two web sites that fans and the press get information from like RIOTSWEB.COM and MARKREALE.COM the official web sites that are still up today. You name it I did for the band. Never took a dime when it came to many of my tasked, only when we all made money is when I got paid. I did it for the love of music, fans and to make sure my friend and the rest of the band had a safe journey.

What have been your highlights during these years?

I would have to say, Japan, Spain and Greece have been the best for me. I’m a history buff and loved seeing some of the places that I read about in school. I’m so thankful that GOD blessed me and allowed me to have a safe and fun journey for so many years. I thank my friend Mark for allowing me to take care of some many tasks for him and having trust in me. I will never forget what I have seen and the places I have been, thanks to Mark Reale and RIOT!

How was Mark Reale outside the music business? What were his passions, hobbies…?

Mark loved to run; guy would put on a trash bag then his jacket and head out for a jog around the block in 30 degree weather. We were in Montreux, Switzerland, Mark looks at me and said, you know where were at? Not thinking, I told him sure…..were in Switzerland. We had just got off the train and checked into a nice European hotel. He looks at me shaking his head…I’m like what? He then starts to enlighten me about Deep Purple’s famous ‘Smoke On The Water’ story that I had heard and read about not realizing we were in the very same town. Anybody that knows Mark knows he loved Deep Purple. Again the man puts on a trash bag then his jacket and headed out for a jog around and yes it was cold out. I was still trying to work on things at the hotel for the rest of the band, they were on the bus. This was the same trip where I took Mark off the bus when he got sick. You see I knew about the Eurorail train pass and told Mark that the pass was good for ten days and in nine countries we could travel freely. Well he didn’t won’t to waste it along with my pass too so decided to do the rest of the tour via train. It was the best I must confess! I somehow think he knew where he was going on his jog that day in Switzerland.

Mark loved classic movies; he actually made a few home movies when he was a kid. With all of the great tunes that came from that man’s mind, I wonder sometimes what it would have been like if he was a writer and producer of movies. Mark love getting together with other musicians….like Tony Harnell from TnT and Bruno Ravel from Danger Danger…..what a great project WestWorld was. Music was Mark’s passion, he lived and breathed it. He loved the bible, carried it everywhere he went!  I saw him reading several times; we talked a lot about faith many times on the road and at his home, was good to be with my brother!

He loved Texas, loved visiting the warm Climate. He was going to move down here with his father, he really had passion for outdoors and Texas is a great place for that. Cooking was also his passion, boy would cook up a storm, and his dad loved the BBQ’s they would do on a nice sunny day. All in all, Mark was just as average as the rest of us when it came to passions, totally dedicated to them.

When did Mark discover he suffered Crohn’s disease and how did it affect Mark’s life?

Mark contracted Crohn’s disease sometime around 1984 to 1985, he arrived back from a stay in Texas in 1986 when doctors revealed to him that he had the disease after sugary for it…..his father tells me. When I meet Mark in 1988, his diet was important to him and he would always run…so for the most part Mark adapted pretty good. Now were all human and fall to our desires sometimes as did Mark, he knew what he could not eat and one of those things was rice. It expands in the gastrointestinal tract and that is really bad for someone who suffers from Crohn’s disease. Mark LOVED Chinese food, I remember sitting in Amsterdam with him eating some really good Chinese food, I must say it’s one of my fav’s too…but I knew what was in store for him and me the next few days…was not fun! Mark loved food so giving things up for the rest of your life is a hard thing to do, what amazing strength he had!

Why his condition worsened in 2012 and how did he enter in coma? Did the doctors expect this?

Well Crohn’s disease is very hard on the human body; I’m not a doctor so I couldn’t tell you why Mark’s condition got worse. Mark took vitamins and he ran a lot, he watched his diet for the most part but would have a few things that would upset his stomach. I remember taking him off the bus in Europe and placed him in a hotel for the next few days while the band travelled to Belgium and performed without him because he was just too sick. Luckily we had a few days off and I had brought some soups and other things from the US in my trunk…even brought a 220 single flat burner that I got online just encase I needed it. After a few days of a strict diet and helping my friend get back on his feet. The man was back and performing the rest of the tour like nothing, totally amazing how he loved his music and gave so much! On the flip side, the rest of the band was about to kill me because I wasn’t there for load in…they had no production manager to help them with all that comes with that title. But my main focus was Mark at that time and they knew it.

Mark was really ill to record Immortal Soul album. How did you handle this difficult situation?

I was not a part of the “Thundersteel Reunion” nor the recording of Immortal Soul. Mark didn’t want to make any drama with the others and I didn’t want to get in Mark’s way or make stress with anyone. 

So I stepped aside and let everything play out. Mark and I were in contact throughout the recording but I did not see him until he went into a coma on 11th of January after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage (a form of a stroke). I had seen Dimeo in San Antonio a few months before and he did tell me that Mark didn’t look well. I never know it was that bad… Mark just didn’t want to inconvenience anyone with his illness, even me. But that’s how Mark was!

Mark’s death has been terrible for his father. Are you and the rest of the members in the band in contact with him?

Oh yes, I’m in contact with Mr. Reale on a regular basis. I’m thinking of flying up in the spring to help with the yard work. Flyntz had Mr. Reale over for dinner this past holiday and is in contact with him too. Dimeo call’s Mr. Reale and has taken him to the doctor’s office a few times. We all are helping Mr. Reale anyway we can, he’s a strong man and his faith keeps him grounded! How strong you may ask, so much so he was outside sawing branches down (at 84 years old) from his roof when the Sandy hurricane blew through New York! He’s got a great spirit, just like somebody I know (Mark)….I see where my friend gets it from, what great dad to have in your life.

Mark’s a great friend and those who knew Mark can say the same! I often think how lucky I am! Not many get a chance to be a “rock star” assistants, lighting director, production manager, travel agent, booking agent and everything in between. I travel the world like a star, thanks to my friend Mark Reale! I only lost a power supply to his pedal board, not bad for 20 years of hard work. That’s how much Mark meant to me, I miss him! He was my big brother and I miss our deep talks, I always did my best to keep him safe on our journey here, I look forward to our next one. 

Shine On Mark and thank you!
6th Member


Source: PedroAlonsoHeavyMetal.com

more coming soon!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RIOT - Live at The Chance Theater

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Hey Gang,

I wanted to post a new video I have from our trips on the road with Mark and his band RIOT, hope all enjoys a peak from the past. I’ll be working on a lot more and a few other things I plan to release soon. Also I talked to Mr. Reale, he’s doing well and I’m planning a trip up to Long Island to help out with some yard work, we talked about doing a BBQ too….can’t wait to see him!

Enjoy, more coming soon!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

RIOT on XBOX 360 - Brutal Legend Part 3

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hey Fan's

I was talking to a good friend the other day and he told me dude, I was playing my Xbox 360 and RIOT tones were on the game he was playing. I told him yep that's right RIOT has three tones that fans can enjoy hearing while playing Xbox 360.

It was Announced
(Xbox 360 web site) back on August 8th 2009 that three classic songs from RIOT can be heard while playing "Brutal Legend part 3" on Xbox 360. The three tunes are Swords and Tequila, Road Racin and Narita.

Mark had talked about this in the
MetalRules.com interview back in July of 2009 and it was also posted here in September of 2009 but since has been deleted. So I wanted to re-post this bit of information again just to make sure everyone knows about this seeing my friend had no clue about it.

Mark’s legacy lives on in Xbox 360, how cool is that!

RIOT tracks start at 3:35, 3:48 and 4:02 wile playing the game

Enjoy, more coming soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RIOT Burns San Antonio 1979 Interview - Part 2

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Dear Fans,

Thanks’ to all who all who attended Mark’s life celebration at Holy Cross on Friday January 25th, enjoyed chatting with all of you and hearing how Mark’s music moved you, remember next year’s celebration at Holy Cross will be on Saturday January 25th between 5pm and 6pm….hope to see many of you there.

Here’s the other half of the “RIOT Burns San Antonio 1979 Interview” I dug out of the archive trunk. I put them both together to help those who haven’t read the first half I posted  back in December. Got a lot more coming including unseen video archive collection that I’ll be posting both on Mark’s fascebook page and my YouTube account that is seen here on the lower right-hand side…enjoy!

RIOT - 1979
link to photo

more coming soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remembering our friend.


  Remembering our friend Mark Reale, who brought us some much wonderful music and memories for a life time and 
  beyond? Join us on Friday January 25th from 5pm till 6pm (closing) and help celebrate the life of our friend. Flowers 
  may be sent to the address below by 4:45pm, I’ll make sure they are place at his headstone.

  Shine On!
  6th Member

  Holy Cross Cemetery
  17501 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266

  Map: http://local.yahoo.com/info-19298560-holy-cross-cemetery-san-antonio?viewtype=map 

  Plot # is 16-36. Enter the front gate, take the 1st right, 1st left. Go almost to the end. It’s the area on the right, in front 
  of the fenced off shop/warehouse area. Take the center walkway up, he will be on your left when you pass the tree, it's 
  the second row.



  more coming soon,
        Shine on!