Saturday, November 17, 2012

RIOT 1979

  Hey fans,

  I was digging around in the archive vault and came across this old news article of RIOT back in the
  heydays when they played here in San Antonio. I'll have the full interview with Guy soon; also I'm
  getting ready to post a few videos I think ALL will like seeing. I talked with Mr. Reale the other day and he
  is doing well. As we move into the Holiday season, please take a moment and think about helping our
  friends on the East Coast by donating to the Salvation Army. I attended a conference meeting earlier in
  the year and I found out a lot of information about the Salvation Army. Did you know that $0.86 of every
  dollar this past year goes to the needy? They also teach the word of GOD to ALL who are in need?
  Please think about donating this year or drop a dime in the bucket when you see them ringing the bell of
  hope near your area.

Donating to the Salvation Army helps ALL

 RIOT  1979

  more coming soon,
        Shine on!