Friday, August 8, 2014

RIOT | Live Kzep104.5 Radio | Live The Man 2004

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Hey fans,

Sorry for the long update here...been working on many things including this rare LIVE radio interview the band did before performing at River City Biker Fest, in Poteet Texas May 1st 2004. The radio interview was record on a boom box with a cassette tape at home, somehow side ‘A’ that had some other music on it bleed over onto side ‘B’ that the radio interview was recorded on.

The video shows a few photos throughout along with the introduction of the band. Then they head straight into the song THE MAN. The show on May 1st was recorded both on video and a cassette tape in stereo, this is the cassette tape mix of the band performing LIVE!

6th Member

more coming soon!